Session Details

String Orchestra 25 pcs


10 Min SESSION: €500 + vat

15 Min SESSION: €700 + va

20 Min SESSION: €900 + vat

30 Min SESSION: €1300 + vat

45 Min SESSION: €1900 + vat

60 Min SESSION: €2600 + vat

Line up: Strings (7-6-5-4-3)

Violins 1st (7 pcs.), Violins 2nd (6 pcs.), Violas (5 pcs.), Cellos (4 pcs.), Basses (3 pcs.).

Included in price: Studio, Sound Engineer, Assistant Engineer, Orchestra Coordinator, Conductor, Musicians, Score and Parts Printing, Score Proofreading, Multitrack Recording, Files Digital Delivery, Real-Time Audio and Video Streaming.

Additional Services: Orchestration


Music editing

Production advice


Video Recording


Contact us for add-on price 

For customs sessions please follow this link:

Custom Session

Download format: By default, we deliver all recorded music as a Pro Tools session. As an additional option, you can choose WAV files download, in this case, we deliver consolidated WAV files with separate folders for each take.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Forum Studios Shared Sessions is a revolutionary system that allows you to record your music in one of the best and most iconic studios in the world with an affordable price and without any limits.

    Artistic team:
    Dario Vero: Conductor, Orchestrator, coordinator. Federico Solazzo: Orchestrator, Conductor, Music editor.

    Technical team:
    Fabio Patrignani: Sound Engineer Davide Dell’Amore: Pro Tools operator

    David Barsotti: Contractor Marco Patrignani: CEO

    Our orchestras:
    Kiev Virtuosi (25 pieces string orchestra)
    Orchestra Italiana del Cinema (25 string orchestra up to 80 pieces full romantic orchestra)

    Our service is specifically designed by our team to be a tool for producers, music composers, songwriters, video games directors and artists that needs the magical orchestral sound. No compromises. The real, pure live orchestra recorded in the Ennio Morricone’s studio.
    Our service will provide you the best live orchestra sessions with an affordable price.

    No need to book the whole studio and the full orchestra for the entire day !

    From the first steps of preproduction, to the final step of mix and mastering, we are able to offer everything you need in order to produce a piece that sounds more then amazing.

    Our Services:
    Orchestration, Pre production, Music editing, Orchestra recording, Score Revision, Production Advice, Audio Editing, Mixing and Mastering, Video Recording.

    The orchestra will play your music. You will be connected with zoom and audiomovers. So you will take part to the session. If needed you will also have the chance to talk directly with the conductor and the orchestra.
    Then, after the session you will receive the Pro Tools session with all the material

    Step 1: you book the session you need. We offer 10,20,30,45 or 60 minutes. During this first step the payment is not yet needed!

    Step 2: you’ll upload the piece you want to record in our system (we will provide a link to our DropBox folder). You could send for example an Mp3, just to let us understand how is the direction of the piece.
    Then you’re upload the full score (pdf).

    Our artistic team will check and double check it.
    If the orchestration is correct you will have the green light from our Maestro. So you’ll receive the confirmation email with a PayPal/Bank Transfer link.

    Otherwise, if the orchestration need some revisions our team will work on it in order to deliver the most readable, solid and bullet proof score to the orchestra players.
    Keep in mind that a live orchestra sounds way better then any digital sample library…but you need to score the music in the proper way.

    Step 3: We need your “preproduction” session on ProTools. We use the latest version of Pro Tools.

    If you don’t have Pro Tools or you need our help, feel free to ask. Our music editor will work on it. We need those separated stems in this exact order:

    Full preproduction of the piece if you have it (a premix made with your sample libraries) – muted Woodwinds,

    Piano + harp,
    High Strings (violini/viole) – muted Low Strings (cello/bass) – muted Synthesizer
    Rhythmic Sequencers


    Please put all the markers in the same exact bar on both Pro Tools and score (Sibelius/Finale/ StaffPad/Dorico). In the following examples you can see the marker A and B that are in the same exact place.



    As for the score editor we do use StaffPad, Dorico, Sibelius.



    We do have a Neve 88r. We record on Pro Tools. 24/48

    We suggest to call the session with your name_surname_FS3

    Please always zip the Pro Tools folder !

    Yes, of course. It-s a full buy out session. That means that you own 100% of the copyright and master rights.